December 15, 2015 - The day we signed for deed and started demolition.
Josh gets credit for taking out the first piece
Day 1 Complete
End of the day December 18, 2015
December 22 - plenty of lumber to salvage
December 29
New Years Eve December 31, 2015
Happy New Years
Final corner
Josh vs floor anchors
Tile scraping
Aubrey's ride
Framing the lounge and office
Janurary 24, 2016 Walls are going up
February 11 - Texture is done, time for paint in the Studio
New front door
Flooring install February 17
SFI contractor Heat Welding the seams
February 18 Auction closing
February 20 Dani's 3rd Birthday Party - all the kids went home exhausted - the studio is a hit!
Horsing around with Daddy's boots
March 25, 2016 Demolition begins on the bar/dining area
Ceiling coming down
Ripping out the seating riser behind the bar
April 1, 2016 riser is out and my new tool/staging area is ready
Inner walls come down
April 19 - kitchen wall is down
Windows and Drywall in May 10
The painting crew is back.  2 coats done May 17
Lots of floor prep
Carpet installed
Aubrey pitching in
Tearing down the front vestibule
Cleaning up the ceiling
Setting up the modular tanning walls
New Front door!!!
Vestibule is out and the new entrance is starting to look good
Equipment is being set up and put into position
Studio A - Book it for your next occasion or meeting
The new boxing station in Studio B
Main Cardio Area
Second Cardio Room with no televisions!!!  Just a nice view of the outdoors.
We also have a place for your kids to play in while you exercise.
Free weights can also be used in the adjacent studio space
Full size double cable crossover